Spring 2021: Dive Bars & Daisies

Howdy! Courtney here from Western Darlin. I'm super stoked to start blogging about our rad shoots, road trips, dive bars we love, and more - so thanks for reading along.

Let's talk about our latest spring shoot: Dive Bars & Daisies (shop our NEW spring collection here)

two girls standing in cornfield

This shoot was very different from my previous ones. Typically, I go for a gritty look that feels rustic and badass. This time around, I wanted to branch out and do something that was a tad softer and feminine - with a little bit of edge (of course).

After this past year I was looking SO FORWARD to spring, flowers, green...everything. I feel like I was appreciating it all more than ever - and I really wanted to showcase that in this shoot. And that is how "Dive Bars & Daisies" came about! It was Free People meets dive bars - and we were here for it.

beer can and flowers on the ground

girl standing in field with hat on

girl in truck window with hat on

I live out in Taylor, Texas (bout 30 miles east of Austin) and we have the most stunning cornfields (and best BBQ) that pop up this time of year. So there ya have it, location goals were right here in Taylor, Texas - and boy was it dreamy. 

I reached out to my friends Roxy and Marielle (total babes) and asked if they wanted to model for the shoot. They responded with a loud and proud, "HELL YEAH" - and that's how the magic happened. 

two girls walking towards camera with a truck in the background

two girls standing by a field with pink and green dresses on

girl standing in front of truck holding flowers

They came to town and we hung out, drank some beers (Lonestar of course), jumped in my 1972 Ford truck, Loretta, and headed east to the cornfields. We had so much fun during this shoot (shooting with friends is always my favorite) playing dress up and enjoying the sunny spring vibes.

I was going for a vintage-inspired look with this shoot and decided to go ALL IN. After some quick tutorials, I edited some of the images to look like tintypes. I was instantly in love with the way they turned out. 

two girls standing in a field

two girls with hats on in a field

girl standing in field with pink dress on holding a hat


After the shoot we headed to an outdoor bar in Taylor and grabbed some beers before calling it a night. I couldn't of asked for a better day full of sunshine, girlfriends, a creative shoot, and fun beer hangs. Thanks for following along!

girl standing in field with hat on

girl standing in field with hat on

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Photographer: Courtney Pittman (me!)

Models: Marielle Tyler and Roxy Torres

Location: Taylor, Texas