Shop Local Austin: Chisos Boots

By Courtney Pittman

Lookin' for some "damn comfortable cowboy boots?" Look no further than local Austin brand, Chisos Boots. Made with style and comfort in mind, these boots will have you runnin' to the nearest honky-tonk in no time. Will Roman, Founder of Chisos Boots, gave us some insight into the world of bootmaking and what inspires him (plus some advice when shopping for the perfect boot). See his interview below!

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man in truck with boots

 boots in truck

 How did Chisos come about?

Just curiosity and a desire to get rid of some back pain! I wanted a traditional, handmade, channel-welted cowboy boot that I could wear all day without any pain. Turns out a lot of other people wanted the same thing.

What's yer favorite thing about being a local Austin brand?

Austinites are enthusiastic about their local small businesses! I was born in Austin, we don't have any big money behind us, just a guy selling boots. And Austinites love an underdog. They have been the backbone of encouragement and support that helped Chisos launch to the world.

man and woman in truck bed with cowboy boots on

 woman sitting on porch with cowboy boots

What gives you creative inspiration?

 Without hyperbole, Sam Houston put it best: “Texas is the finest portion of the globe that has blessed my vision.” All Chisos boots bear artwork inspired by the natural beauty of Texas.

Where is yer favorite place/places to two-step in Austin?

Can't beat the Broken Spoke. A close second is the impromptu jam sessions at Chisos HQ, though.

couple two stepping in street

 couple dancing in street

What separates you from other bootmakers?

 The Chisos motto is Do Right, Love Texas. The first part of our motto is not rhetorical; every decision at Chisos gets evaluated through the lense of Do Right, Love Texas. Nowhere is this more evident than the boots themselves. We use our own leathers, hand channel welt our heavyweight midsoles, and refuse to use internal plastics. And every piece is ethically sourced. All of this results in generational durability and unparalleled comfort. The moment you pull on a pair of Chisos, you can feel the difference.

What advice would you give someone shopping for boots?

The world of bootmaking is filled with wonderful, creative boots. Find what resonates with you. Pay attention to the details. Talk to the bootmaker or someone knowledgeable. Don't rush it. The perfect pair is out there.

woman in truck with boots


Thanks for the chat, Will! Explore Chisos Boots here. 


Photographer: Courtney Pittman

Models: Mack Eveland + Kyle Smith

Location: Manor, Texas