Comfortably Cool: The Versatile Utility Work Shirt

By Courtney Pittman

Versatile, comfortable, and cool, our WD Supply Work Shirt (now available in black and cream) is sure to be the go-to item in yer closet. Throw it over a dress, workout attire, jeans and a tee, or wear it alone...the list goes on. Designed with vintage auto shops in mind, these classic Red Kap shirts deliver a retro vibe that feels industrial and modern - and we can't get enough of it. 

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Our work shirt requires minimal ironing thanks to its wrinkle-resistant fabric (yes please). So go on ahead and get a little dirty in it, throw it in the washer n dryer, and you'll be good as new. Easy peasy.

Peep our latest shoot (featuring our work shirt in black) below with our girl Madison out in Taylor, Texas.

blonde woman driving old truck

woman wearing cowboy hat leaning on truck

woman laying on truck hood

woman laying on truck hood

woman sitting on truck bumber

woman leaning on truck bumber

back of woman standing in field

woman standing in field

woman leaning on truck

woman leaning out of truck window

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Photographer: Courtney Pittman

Model: Madison Hudson

Location: Taylor, Texas