Check It: New 1972 Ford Truck Tee

By Courtney Pittman

Throwin' it back to the 70s with our new summer tee. Made of 100% cotton, this soft design features our beloved 1972 Ford Truck, Loretta, as the main attraction. Lil back story: my husband's granddad found this old beaut on a farm out in West Texas. He asked if we were up for the challenge of owning an old beat up truck (with a bullet hole in the hood - here for it) and we delightfully said,  DOES DOLLY PARTON SLEEP ON HER BACK?! Okay, we didn't really say that, but ya get the idea - we were pumped. The rest is history!

Lookin' for a casual summer look? Shop our new tees here (pro-tip: cut yer tee into a crop top if yer feelin' spicy). 

Cruising the cornfield roads in Taylor, Texas at sunset is one of my favorite things to do with Loretta. Another would be watching folks faces the first time they take her for a spin (especially dads) - there's a pure joy that takes over.

We did a fun shoot with this new tee over in East Austin with the lovely, Jessi - give her a follow on Instagram. 

Peep the shoot below!

girl in cowboy hat

girl in cowboy hat

girl in cowboy hat

close up of girl in tee

girl in cowboy hat and heels

girl in cowboy hat

back of girl in cowboy hat

girl in cowboy hat

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Photographer: Courtney Pittman

Model: Jessi

Location: East Austin